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February 24, 2012

“You Gotta Know When You’ve Got a Good Thing”

It’s about time I write about happiness again. It’s about time my attitude has changed. Yet nothing else has changed – I didn’t win the lottery, didn’t stumble upon a pot of gold, or win a trip around the world. I’ve just had to open my eyes and look around at the people in my life and the places I’ve been to, more importantly the place that I live. I am so blessed to be where I am, doing what I am, living where I am, and loving what I am. I really have a good thing, and I hope I never ever forget what I have. Not even for a second. You gotta know when you’ve got a good thing. And never ever take it for granted.

Today has been nothing short of good things so far. After a long week, well, long couple of months – my heart is finally happy again. I received some of the happiest news from a life-long friend, got a crazy good workout in, and spent time in sunny 70 degrees at the beach. I took a short video of what I saw on a run today, which doesn’t even do it justice. Just trust me – it was a beautiful good day today on the bay.

My heart had finally reached its breaking point and had enough – ready to be me again. Life is like that, there will probably always be something that could bring you down or maybe you’re hanging on to something that hurt you in your past, and maybe the present. But there is also always something good. There is always something to be happy about, proud of, excited about, or to love. It might be something little or big, or someone who takes you by surprise. It might be a stranger, or song, or a beautiful good day like mine. But when you see something good, recognize it. When you have someone good – do not take them for granted. When you look, you will find happiness. You just have to recognize the good, and focus on it. That way, even if you’ve had a couple of months of temporary heartache or case of the blues – it will never be stronger than the good. You gotta know when you’ve got a good thing.

So do me a favor and think of something good today. Think of all the good things you have. If you lost one or two things that used to make you happy – go get them back. Get it back and don’t ever let it go. If you’re looking for something to make you happy – don’t try so hard. Look at the little things, the people and the places. Just know when you’ve got something good.

Happy Friday, my friends. Cheers to knowing when you’ve got it good.