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January 14, 2013

Ready, Set, Reset

With a ‘happy new year’ and with plenty to cheer, the start of my 2013 has undoubtedly gone off without a hitch. My family and I spent the holidays at my brother’s home in Charlotte, but also spent some time exploring the Carolinas. Once the New Year begun, I started my journey back to my home city on the bay, yet again feeling blessed to love where I live. Very shortly after I returned, some messages I had heard struck at my core and oozed with some deliverance, even a little anger, but mostly with some understanding. It’s helped me to see how much a re-evaluation can do, and I thought I would share to help you get ready, get set, and reset.

The last couple weeks at the church I belong to in SF, called Epic Church, our awesome Pastor Ben has been talking about a re-set. He talked about the importance of pushing the reset button on your life, just to make sure that all the functions are working properly and at the most effective speed. While I have certainly felt like the New Year is a perfect time to start new goals, resolutions and appreciations for life – the idea behind a ‘button reset’ was one I favored. What I truly liked to hear was that a reset doesn’t only have to happen once a year. A reset can happen at any time really – every week or month. The key, however, is to try pushing your reset button before something breaks, shuts down, or explodes. A reset is designed to help you ask yourself questions and reevaluate what you are doing with your time. Why are you still doing that monthly supper club if the people have changed and you no longer enjoy it? Why are you still in that job you said would only be temporary? Why haven’t you bought that dream vacation and are you any closer to it? Get Ready. Get Set. Re-set.

Another important message I recently received came from my Dad. I have a dad who has the biggest heart, compassion and desire to treat other people as he would want to be treated. I have a dad (and mom) who cares so much for his children, by constantly stretching and expanding our horizons even if that means he moves our family across the world on a giant leap of faith. I have a dad who believes in working hard, values and principles, and living a well-balanced and pure life. I have a dad, who will call me out if I’m doing something wrong, and ask me to re-think my actions. And while a message to reconsider some of my actions wasn’t necessary extremely well received by me; a lesson of re-thinking, re-evaluating, and re-setting wasn’t a bad one to hear.

My most favorite aspect of my get ready, set, re-set series is the idea that in a way, you can also re-live. If you did happen to forget to push your reset button and everything has now exploded or something didn’t exactly go as planned; relax. Don’t panic. Use the new opportunity to go on a different course, or do the things you always said you wanted to. If the job didn’t work out like you thought it would, it’s time for a re-do. If your relationship ended, or your wedding was called off, it’s time to start re-living. If you have lost a family member or friend, start living your life at the fullest because they no longer can. If you already failed at your 2013 New Year’s resolution, take a new course of action today. Right now. Ready, Set, Reset.


It is never too late to lead the life you want to live. All I ask is that you don’t judge others when they decide to change their course of action. Focus on you, and your reset. Ready, Set, Go.