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June 17, 2013

Smooth Sailing

With everything that life throws at us, it is easy to get so far down a path, and one day wake up not knowing how you ever got yourself to that place. It is so easy to get lost in the day-to-day, the basics, the tangible, the routine, and the temptations just to aide life survival. Some people wake up one day and can’t really familiarize themselves with any of the places, faces, hobbies or habits that consume their lives. Some are stuck in a dead-end job, yet let the years continue to pass instead of making the leap into a different industry. And arguably worse, others wake up and find to be exactly where they had planned; the people, the places, the things – but are shamed when it no longer seems desirable. Some have convinced themselves that working in their current industry is still their dream, when in fact, the passion has ceased. It is extremely difficult to adjust the sails and pull yourself in another direction, especially when your sailboat is about to tip over.

We cannot change the fact that life gives us curve balls, some disappointments, certainly some unknowns, and even some roller-coasters. And for even more ‘good’ news – you are at the mercy of situations, environments, existence, people, and life happenings that you really don’t have much control over.

We can’t control much – but what we can control, we can change. Smooth Sailing

The actual good news is this; you are in control of more than you realize. You control your attitude – no one else can. Same goes for your choices, happiness and appreciation for life. You control how you treat other people, and you control how much you love. You control who, or what, you worship. And you control the ability to make a brand new decision for a new direction if you didn’t end up where you wanted to be. Today is a never too late to be brand new.

If you can, it is ideal to adjust your sails with perfect timing as the winds change. It’s not easy, but with careful and constant evaluation of where you are being pushed; you can feel the change happening as it does. You can prepare for it. Sometimes, you can even predict it. But if you’ve set sail into the abyss without any assessment of your vessel, you may find yourself flipped upside-down or many more miles from home than you ever imagined.

In the past six months, I’ve managed to notice a few changes in my life and have adjusted accordingly as best I can. To say the least, I haven’t done it perfectly and I have plenty more to learn and understand. But it is safe to say I’m headed in a new and better direction than where I could have ended up. I decided to take control of that which I can, adjust my attitude and my choices, and see where the wind takes me. I’m not yet entirely sure where I’ll end up, but I feel much more confident that I’m on my way.

So for new adventurers, life-long dreamers, pigeon-holed prisoners, or professional voyagers; I wish you nothing but smooth sailing.

Always remember that life can take you to places you never imagined you’ll be, and even more importantly – remember to just, love life.