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October 24, 2013

the last page of the last SF chapter

I never thought the last page of this chapter would be here now; I never thought I’d be writing these words as soon as I am. In a few days, San Francisco will no longer be my home, but will remain forever and ever ingrained in my soul and stenciled in the shaping of my heart.

Almost three years ago, I took a giant leap of faith and headed to the city on the bay. I was seeking new adventure and new life; and this city certainly did not disappoint. I immediately fell in love with it. Unlike any place in the country, maybe even the world, San Francisco has so many unique and unusual qualities that words don’t even come close to describing its greatness. It’s a big city on the water, met with small town neighborhoods. It’s business suits and NorthFace jackets. It’s expanded rooftop views and tiny hole-in-the-wall bars. It’s festivals and concerts, food and street fairs and it’s always-an-acceptable-costume-day flare. It’s amazing food, it’s health nuts and fitness freaks. It’s west coast cool with a European attitude. It’s hills. Lots and lots of hills. It’s sailing, hiking, biking, running, and ultra-marathoning. It’s people from all over the globe and new ideas that change the world. It’s chocolate and coffee. It’s start-ups and it’s strikes. It’s history and old architecture met with futuristic possibility and endless opportunity. It’s adventurous people, type A people, inspiring and daring people. It’s hiking-yoga, paddle-board yoga, or any other type of yoga you can think of. It’s free spirit, it’s art, it’s sea lions, it’s orange and black, it’s cable cars. It’s rolling fog, it’s never really summer, and it’s always the perfect day to wear boots. It’s bridges and buses, it’s bay and boats. It’s magical and healing, and it oozes with a vibrant energy.

And it is truly the place that I have left my heart.

Somehow, for some reason, somewhere along the way – a needle started to shift and a turning point pronounced. It wasn’t that my thrill and love for the city ceased, just merely that wanting to live near family and in a more cost effective place became a more prominent feeling. I sort of felt like I was using up all my energy trying to run forward, but only saw myself falling behind. I also felt like I had another amazing life back ‘home’ with incredible friends and family, a professional network, and a beautiful state like Arizona; that was all just waiting for me whenever I was ready. I never would have thought I’d be ready so soon; but I think I had to rip it off like a band-aid. These last few days have not been easy to say goodbye to places and people that have meant so incredibly much to me, but nonetheless, my apartment is packed up and I am ready for my next adventure.

I’m not sure what’s next, and I’m not sure what’s ahead. All I know is that the last three years have been the best of my life. And while something in my heart has told me that it’s time to close this chapter, my city on the bay will always be my home and hold a key to my heart.

So long, San Francisco! You have taught me to live boldly, to love fiercely, be open, and never stop believing that I can change the world. Most importantly, you taught me to just, love life.