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May 8, 2015


Months have passed by without a post, mainly due to time spent on another bigger project. Many stories, blessings and obstacles have passed that I’ve wanted to share, but in all, a recurring theme has seemed to creep throughout.


I’m in awe of the strength, power, challenge and the reality of human beings’ ability and desire to adapt.

I believe it is mostly good; we adapt to survive, of course. We adapt to improve, typically. What is interesting to me about adapting is that we do it so automatically and naturally most of the time. The evolution of history is phenomenal, really. It doesn’t come with a manual or FAQ link. We as a society and as individuals have a somewhat easy time adapting to the world around us. One definition describes it as a slow, usually unconscious modification of individual and social activity in adjustment to cultural surroundings.

But why then, can adapting to changes in my daily life and routine sometimes be extremely difficult and frustrating? Even worse, are we adapting to become better or are we adapting because we’re too lazy to take the time to grow or cultivate properly?

I have a hard time accepting change when I don’t ask for it. The seasons of life seem much more easily acknowledged when the change happens over time, but the abrupt difference is almost impossible for me to swallow. I recognize none of this is rocket science and everyone knows that change can be hard, but I want to focus on the adaptation aspect – that we as humans have the ability to change our thinking and perspective of a situation. We need to remember that while we only see what’s happening around us in the present, there is a much bigger picture evolving for us.

Our human scope is intended to be limited because we’re selfish creatures who would still end up screwing it all up even if we knew what was supposed to happen in the end. Maybe we can’t handle the real truth about what’s next and intended for our paths five, ten, or thirty years down the road. We want the truth, but we can’t handle the truth! you can't handle the truth

When we initiate the change ourselves, our destiny is determined by how tightly we control the outcome. When change happens to us, our destiny is determined by our controlled reaction to the change. How simple. Let go, have faith, and seek the positive instead of focusing on the change.

Easier said than done, this I know. But it can be done. As I’m challenging myself to embrace change and have faith that the change happening now is ultimately what is going to get me to where I’m meant to be later, I ask you to do the same.

That – and to just, love life.