Which are you?

I recently met someone who said something extremely interesting to me; something I truly believe and have said in my own way before – but I liked his version much better. He had just got done telling me his life story in detail, and when finished I said to him, “Are you one of those people that everything you touch turns to gold?”

I loved his response.

He told me that everyone has three ways to tell their life story;

-in a blah, average or boring way

-by only focusing on the hardships and difficulties

-showing off the best parts of your life and telling your obstacles and how they became your reasons to smile

No one has a perfect life. It’s true that social media, feeds, pictures, and whatever else we consume ourselves with can feel like a happiness competition instead of an update. I’ve been accused of that, actually. I was once told that my social media posts were overly positive, even though that friend knew I was having a terrible day or not having a great time at that event. This friend went on to perceive me as trying to make it look like I had an amazing life. Now, I can go down an entirely different rabbit hole on the opposite; people who use social media as their dear-diary, but I’ll leave that for another time.

The thing is, that my life IS amazing. And it’s extremely far from perfect. I’m in love with my life because I haven’t received every single thing I’ve asked for, from my parents, my boss, or from God. Those that know me, know the things I struggle with. But my hope is that they also know how blessed and happy I feel that I get to live my life.

I’m an adventure seeker, traveler, type A, persistent goal achiever, and straight shooter who has trouble keeping my mouth shut when I have an opinion. These qualities have taken me very far in life, and I am so very grateful for the many things I’ve been able to check off my bucket list. But that doesn’t, and shouldn’t, make me any ounce happier than the next person who has entirely different reasons to exist and ways to feel happy.

My devotional this morning (She Reads Truth) talked about the body being made from many different parts. The body cannot be entirely one ear, or one leg, or one heart – it needs a lot of parts to be a whole body. While the reading had somewhat of a different meaning, it reminded me to stop comparing myself to any human on this planet. We are all made unique and different from one another – by design. If human goals, interests, passions and personalities were all exactly the same, this world would never function. Or be any fun. SRT-TITG_instagram11

The way you tell and interpret your own story to yourself, is perhaps even a little more important than how you tell your story to others. Especially on social media. There are three different ways you can tell your story. Three different outlooks. Which one of the three is yours?

Take time today to list or remember what you love about your life. Put something on that list that money can’t buy or is a memory no one can take away from you. And, think about the absolute, terrible and worst thing that’s ever happened – for just one second- but then find a way to tell just one good, little thing that came from its occurrence.

And as always, remember to just, love life.

|| In loving memory of our beloved Megs ||



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