Dear Anonymous,

This morning I found your note on my windshield that was wet and dirty from last night’s storm, and I want to tell you what it did.  I don’t know who you are – or at least I don’t think – because I’m not sure who left the note. So you wouldn’t have known that this week is likely to be a taxing one for me. That I’m in the middle of buying a house that supposedly is closing this week and I’ve been stressed about it. That I left for work early this morning to get many deadlines done before spending the rest of the week out of town for a work conference. You wouldn’t have known that I’ve been fighting getting sick and was dealing with a migraine over the weekend.

You won’t know what the note meant to me, so I’m writing it here.

I walked out of my apartment this morning with my purse and gym bag over each shoulder, and a bag with lunch, work binders, keys and coffee in my hands. I was still grumpy and tired and not ready for Monday to begin, yet I already wanted this week to be over because I knew how tiring it would be. But then I saw your note. anonymous

I appreciate your words more than you’ll know, because to me it is a true act of kindness. You didn’t leave your name, so I can’t give you credit. You didn’t leave a number, so I know you’re not trying to get anything out of it. You left a simple note with simple words, that most strangers would have a very difficult time telling another stranger.

It reminded me of pure thoughtfulness and the need for humanity to be nicer to each other. Amidst a scary world with bad actors, sad news reports, and the enemy being extremely good at its game, the world needs more anonymous notes. It needs more opening of doors, smiling, saying hello, paying for or helping out a stranger. You never know how your actions will impact another soul. And imagine if we all always paid it forward. What a beautiful world that would be.

So I thank you, anonymous, from the bottom of my heart. You changed my outlook on my week and you certainly changed how I’ve treated everyone in my path so far today. I hope you have an amazing week too, and remember to just, love life.



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