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December 31, 2015

Time Doesn’t Have to Fly By

The last day of the year … then the next thing we know it will be twenty-sixteen. Most people talk about how time always flies by. People can never believe that it’s already a brand new year. For me, when I think about the past 365 days, I’m exhausted with all the fun, adventures, accomplishments, and highs and lows of the year. It’s not that I don’t agree that life goes by quickly, its just that I don’t think of time flying by because I aim to be truly invested in every moment. To me, things that I did six months ago seem like they happened two years ago. I suppose one can argue that perhaps I’m losing my memory, but I really don’t think that’s the only reason. Here are a few hints to help keep your time from flying by:

Practice Presence
When you feel – and I mean really – feel a moment, you can stop time. After years of praying, journaling, reading, and thinking, I’ve managed to notice a difference in myself when I’m really embracing a moment. The good stuff and the bad stuff. Your body feels different, and your mind certainly processes the situation differently. You’re much less scatter-brain and much more observant. It’s like taking a minute long vacation, but that moment stays with you forever. It takes practice, and it takes patience.

Do What You Set Out To Do
Checking things off my bucket list is one of my favorite things to do. There isn’t much left, so I keep adding things as I go. I am constantly making new goals. Everyone makes a brand new list of goals in a brand new year, but those who actually set out to accomplish what they want are those who value their own time.

Remind Yourself to Reset
Be realistic that your new goal to work out every day means you’ll probably miss a day or two when you just don’t feel like going. And that is okay. Just, reset the button when you fall off track. One of the main reasons time flies by, is because we hold ourselves to a standard near impossible to sustain. In order to be present in a moment, you have to also have the energy to do so. Rejuvenate, reflect, and reset often.

Fill Your Time with Experiences
I truly believe that my life feels so rich to me, because of my experiences, not my things. Relationships are also so critical to your happiness, so invest in them. Your memory and joy of a moment is something that no one could ever take away from you. No matter how fast the clock is ticking, it cannot detract from your life.


For me, I couldn’t be ending this year on a better note. A year’s worth of memories could never be summed in one little picture collage, but trust me when I say it was one of the best years of my life. Cheers to celebrating the end of a chapter, and for having a blank page to start the next.

I honestly hope next year you won’t so easily say your time flew by, and as always, remember to just, love life.