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June 17, 2016

Do Not Help Out evil.

I am a pretty brave person. I’m not a frantic germaphobe, one to think the world is coming to an end or that everything causes cancer. Do I get stressed? Yes. Do I typically worry? No.

But recently I haven’t been able to shake the feeling of distress and disgust with this world, its horrific events, and the even more despicable response from humanity.

Please hear this and truly understand it:

Evil wins when our response is fear. Evil wins when our response is blame. Evil wins when our response is criticism.

I don’t care what your stance is on guns, gun control, gun types, or gun definitions. It really doesn’t matter what your opinion is on parenting and zoos or Disney World beaches. It makes zero difference if you’re white, red, black, purple, gay, tall, short, a pop star, a politician, a student, blind or a genius. We are all humans.

Evil wants us to point fingers, categorize people, be afraid to travel, or feel like there isn’t a way to stop bad events. It wants friction, anxiety, and selfishness. Do not help out evil by creating any more differences between us, do not spread angst, your opinion on how you could have done it better, or blame anything but evil for the terrible happenings in our world. The only way to make things better is to respond ONLY with love. Even if you disagree with your neighbor or Facebook friend about their desire to ban guns.


Without responding with love, truly love, we will fail. Do not claim ‘one love’, equality and peace but then turn around and condemn others. Please rather respond with uplifting posts, donating blood or money, kind words, but MOSTLY with prayers. Prayers for victims, prayers for healing, prayers for less judgement and for more love.

Recognize when you are actually spreading evil in these small ways. Actions speak louder than words, EXCEPT FOR PRAYERS. Please help me in choosing to ONLY spread kind words, love, and to pray. And as always, please remember to just, love life.